Monday, September 21, 2009

Farewell to Summer Flowers

  • With the chill in the air this morning, I am reminded that the summer is coming to a close. I say this wistfully, for I really love summer, but of course, fall has many beautiful gifts, as well. For instance, during my walk, I was amazed at how many flowers I am seeing still in bloom. Of course, there are the fall flowers: goldenrod, boneset, joe pye weed, many different asters, jewelweed, butter-and-eggs, and many that I can’t name; but there are still quite a few hardy summer flowers still in bloom, as well: birdfoot trefoil, clover, chicory, bladder campion, the lovely turtlehead, a few arrowhead and of course, purple loosestrife!
  • Also I saw an incredible little bug which turned out to be an immature stink bug (thanks so much Ted!)
  • And I saw a lovely gall (thanks woodswalker!) which I thought was a fruit of some kind.


  1. Love that little stinkbug! Are they as smelly as the adults? Yes it's sad to see all the summer flowers fade, but we still have a few just coming into bloom. Stop off at Orra Phelps Nature Preserve to be dazzled by Fringed Gentians, and you might also find there a few Ladies' Tresses. The sandy shores of Lake Moreau are studded with tiny magenta Gerardia. As you paddle any stream, watch for the yellow ribbons of Witch Hazel, just now beginning to unfurl. And if we get some rain, the fall mushrooms can be as gorgeous as any flowers.

  2. No! In fact I didn't notice any smell. I thought it was a beetle until Ted Macrae
    set me straight. Awfully pretty though. I hope others have the same instinct you did to click on the photo, I was having trouble loading my photos onto the blog that day.

  3. That stink bug looks prehistoric!