Monday, September 28, 2009

Adirondack Ramble

These photos were taken up in the beautiful Adirondacks on Schroon River. I feel so fortunate to live in such abundantly rich, diverse and amazing environs.These British Red Soldiers are a sight to behold, as well. I understand these are a lichen, which is an organism that is both fungus and algae. But I am not sure what all of the elements of the photograph are... they are lovely though!
I also am delighting in small gifts that I find such as these mushrooms that have markings on them that leave them looking like some delicate scrimshaw (claw marks? scraping from a tooth?)
And last, but not least, these lovely turkey tail fungi!


  1. I love the name British Red Soldier! I wonder when they received that name... Beautiful photos!

  2. What a mystery those marks on the mushrooms are! No animal has teeth or claws of that number. It looks like some kind of comb has scratched the surface. Love those British Soldiers (the other lichen in the group is Reindeer Lichen). Isn't it funny, though: I think of the British as wearing red COATS, not red hats.

  3. Those scrapings on your Fomes are from a big snail or slug. They have a radula in their mouth that is like a little saw blade!