Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cathedral In the Woods

Yesterday I had the honor to accompany two very fine naturalists into the woods, and it was a rich experience on several levels. We were three women, all of us from divergent paths, and histories, and yet, in many ways, we were cut from the same cloth: not only did we share a love, indeed, a passion, for the natural world; but we found, as the day wore on, that the threads of our shared tapestry went deeper than just surface similarities. There is always the potential for something very magical to happen when women come together; a powerful bond can develop because many of the profound experiences, which shape us as human beings, are universal to all women. When you add to this a shared love for nature, camaraderie cannot help but develop. Also, a deep respect naturally grows when one is in the company of commitment, competence, and accomplishment. Partly, we see ourselves in the other and narcissistically love our own reflection, but also we admire the talents and abilities in others that we may hope to one day develop in ourselves. And of course our diverse talents and abilities balance each other out so that together our strengths subtly affect the overall experience. All I know is I am grateful for the beautiful world in which we live, and especially grateful that there are kindred spirits who are kind enough to share it with me.

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