Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Magical Waters

Apple Blossom Time

Swimming Practice

Nettle Unfolding
Magical Brook

Tussock Flowers

Wild Blackberry Flowers

Wild Geranium

Today, all is hushed with rain. But yesterday, before the clouds rolled in, I took a paddle on the creek, and I was delighted to find the lovely changes that are unfolding on, what seems to be, a minute-to-minute basis! I was delighted to see that that some of the resident Canadian Geese have expanded their families, and they were all out for a swim. I also surprised a muskrat; it was on land, and when it heard me, it leaped headlong, into the water. I’ve yet to see my beloved Great Blue Herons, but I’m sure they will be making their debut on the creek soon. I did delight in discovering that our annual visitors, the Least Sandpipers, are making their way back north, and showing up on our banks. I love to watch their meanderings, as they run helter skelter, weaving back and forth, tails bobbing, while, all the while, their peep-peep-peeping fills the air with the announcement of their arrival. Also, one of my favorite spring flowers, wild geranium is in bloom. What a delight! But my favorite springtime sight of all is the view of an apple tree bedecked in pink and white blossoms, while a carpet of yellow dandelions loll at its feet!

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