Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day!

Another day off, and still more snow! Unfortunately, this beautiful snow is soon to turn to ice, ruining the lovely trail I’ve made into the woods with my snowshoes. It has been so exhilarating to climb to the top of the hill,and to peer through the trees, westward, toward Saratoga Lake. My dog, Lily, tramps along, trying with all her might to compete with the best snow dog. She is tethered to my waist, as her still-puppy enthusiasm is sure to get her in trouble, but that means that she has more-than-once threatened to topple us both down an embankment, as she pulls left, when I pull right! (Where is Caesar when you need him?)
I can’t remember another winter so snowy since many years hence, or am I simply myopic in my memory? Although it does make life more difficult, what with driving, shoveling, plowing, etc., it also makes for a very beautiful view. My husband is grumpy in it’s wake, but I love it! Ahh! If only everyday could afford me the luxury of having nothing more to do than to explore the snowy woods!

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